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Birds of the Parrot Family and New Additions

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About me (Mary) and How I Decided to Breed

                 My love for Birds

           I am a married 29 year old woman with a  `11 year old child. I stay at home and my first bird was a cockatiel (named Danny), but then he had passed on and I went and got a job. Then when I quit my job I decided to get another bird and so on. All of a sudden I kept wanting to get more and more.The Military Macaw named Chris that I used to own was the first one that I learned to handfeed with and let me tell you it is such a wonderful event; though it is hard because they have a very strong grip. If you have ever handfed than you know what I mean. Then my Sun Conures had a clutch and I handfed their two babies and let me tell you that there is such a big difference in handfeeding.
       This is how I came to enjoy and love breeding. It can be costly though and can also be hard so make sure you can afford it and that you have the time because it requires alot of time. 
       If you have enjoyed my site or have any questions or comments than please email me I would really appreciate anything anyone has to suggest. You can contact me at: