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Birds of the Parrot Family and New Additions

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Breeding, Handfeeding, and Nesting


I do know some things about breeding.
     This is me handfeeding the baby Sun Conure I sold.

Most birds are easy to breed. Such as Love-birds they need a nesting box and newspaper. Sun Conures use shavings in their nest box. Quakers they say make their own nests out of twigs and such; however I am going to see how it works using a nest box with shavings. Parakeets use newspaper or shavings. Finches use paper also.

Here are some sites that might be able to help you out and if you can't find the answeres you are looking for than contact me and I can see if I can help because I know people that are breeders.

Quakers are illegal in some states so here are a few sites that you can check and see if you can have them in your states:

If you are deciding to breed birds this is an important site because when you breed you should put bands on your birds. It's good for so many reasons and it also raises the value of the bird. So here is the site: